Invoice/Receivables Financing

Working capital to bridge the gap when customers are slow to pay

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Is your business the victim of a long payment cycle? Do you routinely wait weeks – or even months – to get paid by your customers, reducing your profitability and straining your cash flow? If so, you may want to consider reducing your payment cycle with fast and easy Invoice/Receivables Financing from King Capital.

Advantages of King Capital
Invoice/Receivables Financing

Fast approvals

In as little as 2 hours!

Get paid faster

Get the funds you're owed in just a few days, instead of weeks or months.

No more chasing your customers

With Invoice/Receivables Financing, the lender takes on the responsibility of collecting the payment from your client.

Easy to qualify for

Approval is not based on your credit history or cash flow, but on your customer's creditworthiness.

No personal guarantee required

Funding amounts from $10,000 to $10 million

How it works

With Invoice/Receivables Financing from King Capital, we connect you with a third-party company known as an accounts receivable "factor." You sell your unpaid invoices to the factor at a discounted rate (generally, 85% to 90% of the invoice).

The factor takes on the task of securing payment from your customer, then pays you the amount owed minus a factoring fee. This process greatly reduces your payment cycle – usually you get paid in just a few days rather than weeks or months.
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Is Invoice/Receivables Financing the right choice for me?

One great advantage of Invoice/Receivables Financing from King Capital is that you don't need an impeccable credit history or strong cash flow to get the loan approved. Rather, the factor will look into your customer's ability to pay what they owe in a reasonable time frame.

It's also the type of financing to consider if you spend a lot of time chasing your customers for payment. This is time that you and your staff could be using more productively to create more sales and grow your business.

While you do pay a fee for the service, it eliminates the damage that late-paying clients are doing to your company's profitability. For example, if your monthly bills are all due at the end of the month, think how much better off you'd be to get paid a couple weeks earlier. Each sale becomes more profitable and you gain the flexibility to cover unforeseen expenses.

How to apply


How to apply

You'll need to provide 3 months of business bank statements, along with business tax returns, a report of your accounts payable and debt schedule with your application. Keep in mind you will need to demonstrate that your customer pays their bills reliably in order to qualify for this kind of loan.


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