Business Line of Credit

The flexible way to access the short-term funds you need, whenever you need them

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Imagine if your business had a way to access a line of funds whenever needed . . . for whatever you need the money for. . . and without the hassle and cost of applying for loans again and again. That's the beauty of a Business Line of Credit from King Capital – one of the most advantageous financial tools available to small businesses.

Advantages of a
King Capital Business Line of Credit

Fast approvals

In as little as 2 hours!

Immediate cash

Access the funds you need right away

Zero waste

You pay interest only on the funds you borrow

Tap your line again and again

When you pay your balance on time, those funds become available again

No personal guarantee required

Credit lines up to $250,000

How it works

Almost all small businesses run into situations where they need to access cash. Maybe it's a slow month where cash flow isn't where it needs to be. Maybe unforeseen expenses crop up, or unexpected demand that requires you to reorder stock. Or maybe a new opportunity appears that you just can't afford to pass up. When you establish a Business Line of Credit through King Capital, you'll be prepared for all these situations.

When you're approved for a Business Line of Credit, you'll have an established credit line up to $75,000. You'll be able to draw funds from your credit line at any time. You'll have to make minimum payments on any balance you carry, but you pay interest only on the money you've borrowed – unlike a traditional small business loan, where you have to make payments including interest every month, even if you haven't used your borrowed funds yet.
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"Revolving" credit you can access again and again

The best part of a Business Line of Credit from King Capital is that it "revolves." That means as long as you make your monthly payments and pay back your balance by the repayment term, you can access your entire credit line once again. In most cases you can pay off your balance early without penalty, so you reduce the overall interest you pay.

It's like a recurring loan that you never have to reapply for, giving you the peace of mind that, when the unexpected happens, you'll be ready!

How to apply


How to apply

You'll need to provide 3 months of business bank statements with your application.


Call or complete our Online Application

To get started, you can complete and submit our Online Application or simply give us a call at (888) 811-6101.


We'll do the rest!

Our small business lending experts will gather and review your information and contact you to explain the options available to you and ensure the approval process is fast and easy!