Credit Card Cash Advance

Get cash today for future receivables

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Many small businesses that rely primarily on credit card sales face ongoing challenges meeting their operating revenue needs. This is because it can take weeks or months to receive the full amount of receivables from the credit card processing companies. A Credit Card Cash Advance from King Capital is a fast and easy solution to get the cash you need to keep your business running at top speed.

Advantages of a King Capital
Credit Card Cash Advance

Fast approvals

In as little as 2 hours!

Immediate cash

Get the funds you need right away

So easy to qualify for

You don't need top-notch FICO credit scores, a lot of collateral, or a long business history to qualify for a Credit Card Cash Advance with King Capital. Approval is based primarily on your previous and anticipated credit card sales volume.

Flexible payment terms

Pay only what your cash flow allows

No personal guarantee required

Funding amounts from $5,000 to $1 million

How it works

With a Credit Card Cash Advance, you receive an immediate lump sum payment up front. The amount of the loan you can qualify for is based on your measurable credit card sales. (You will need to be working with or switch to one of the following processors: Integrity Payment Systems, IRN Payment Systems, or Priority.)

Loan payments are made automatically on a daily basis based on a fixed percentage of your anticipated sales, which is known as the Holdback Rate. Typical holdback rates are between 8% and 15% of daily sales.
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Financing that fits your business cycle

Traditional business loans can be a problem for seasonal businesses or start-ups, because they require fixed payments regardless of how well the business is doing. With a Credit Card Cash Advance from King Capital, the amount you pay back is based on your ongoing sales volume, so you pay only what your cash flow can bear. You also have the flexibility to pay off more of the loan during the months you're most busy. Then, during times when business falls off, your payments become even lower.

A great way to build your credit

When you consistently make your payments on your Credit Card Cash Advance on time and in full, it will positively affect your FICO score. That puts you in a stronger position to attain more favorable rates and terms on future small business loans.

How to apply


Get your docs together

You'll need to provide 3 months of business bank statements and credit card processing statements with your application.


Call or complete our Online Application

To get started, you can complete and submit our Online Application or simply give us a call at (888) 811-6101.


We'll do the rest!

Our small business lending experts will gather and review your information and contact you to explain the options available to you and ensure the approval process is fast and easy!