Get your business license

You should check with your local state government to determine what type of license you need to run your business legally. You might need to register the business with the Secretary of State as well. You should check your states website and don’t be afraid to call their office if needed.

Misc things you need to start the business

When you begin the business, you will need to make sure that your vehicle has everything it needs for the business. The act of creating a business plan is instrumental in helping you understand what you need – what you have – and if you’re truly ready to begin your business.


You will need to look into maintaining insurance, both for yourself, your drivers, and vehicles. In addition you need to ensure that all of your drivers and vehicles are properly insured, and have the right insurance. This might mean getting workers compensation for your employees, or cargo insurance, if you ship. It depends on what type of business you are looking to create.


Your transportation business plan should include all the equipment you will need , such as vehicles, wheelchair lifts, printers, fax machines, and more. You should check your state’s requirements for the equipment needed to run a business such as the one you’re looking establish. Some states require a certain number of vehicles in order to create a taxi fleet.


If you have to hire employees, you will need to make sure you hire them in accordance with the local laws. For example, you might need to establish hiring practices which aren’t discriminatory. You need to understand the requirements of your state.

There’s a lot of moving parts involved in running a transportation business. You should do as much research as possible before starting this journey. Once you’re ready to begin, you should file the necessary paperwork, and create a business plan so you can start attracting investment capital.